“Blu” Zengaffinen – Tattoo Artist


“Tru Blu” Cyan Zengaffinen  is from Wisconsin, USA and speaks both English and German. Blu joined the Dream Team in 2016 as an apprentice and since 2017 tattooing full-time @BaselTattoo

Female Tattoo Artist Basel

Hey everyone, Im “Blu” and I was born and raised in Wisconsin, U.S.A. There I studied fine art and art history, as well as organizing a public art gallery showing of my large-scale acrylic paintings of other cultures. I’ve been drawing and in love with art since I can remember thanks to my mothers own love of art. Due to my Swiss heritage I decided to move after university and try a new style of life in Switzerland. I consider my art-style as definitely colorful although I do love bold dark pieces. In university I concentrated on realistic portraits both in black and white and color. Now I also work on comic and neo-traditional styled designs with lot style of color and details. Minimalistic designs have also been featured in my tattooing as well.

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