World famous guest tattoo artists from around the world visit Basel Tattoo & Body Art Studio. These talented tattoo artists are capable of all styles of tattooing imaginable….

  • Asian & Oriental Styles
  • Traditional Americana Tattooing
  • Tribal – Borneo, Maori, Neo
  • Realistic both Black & Color
  • Celtic & Viking Styles
  • Custom Freehand
  • Cover-ups
  • Portraits
  • Fine-line & Bold
Yanni Vera
Guest Artist

Guest Artist Yanni Vera is from Los Angeles, California and will be back at the shop Spring 2018.
Pass by the studio to book an appointment.

+1 818-287-8842
Alex Caligari
Guest Artist

29.1.2018 – 3.2.2018

Alex Caligari specializes in realistic tattooing…
Visiting Basel on a regular basis, Alex is from Bucharest, Romania.

+40 726 803 369
Roman Kuznetsov
Guest Tattoo Artist

Guest tattoo artist Roman Kuznetsov Moscow, Russia

Realism Color & Black /Grey Tattooing

April 9 – 14   2018

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